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Huma's Magic Poison

For over 10 years, the creations signed up by Huma Show Entertainment open the doors to worlds of wonder and magic in your locations all over Europe. An itinerant contemporary theater, the Theater of the Emerald, where unique, customized creations are made, able to make the message of communication desired unforgettable and tangible. Each place through Huma can turn into a magical curtain where it sets its own creativity and inventiveness, respecting the sense of belonging, place, culture and memory. The result is a magic potion that arises from the refined fusion of art and passion, irony and originality to the absurdity limit. The incredible lab is always in continuous experimentation, study and research aimed at the design and production of surprise in your eyes!


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Leela Huma

Art Director & Co-funder

Born with many lands of provenience and a genetic attitude for aesthetics.

three generations that are interested with the versilies territory and the production of beauty.

together with growth enters in contact with tools of expression and creativity.

First, the voice; various experiences at the “zecchino d’oro” then in school, where thanks to the workshops at the hangar of Viareggio’s carnival understands her attitude to manual creation.

Following meets the flowers, as a vehicle to express it and so, is born "leela's creations", laboratory from which the floreal composition has come as a distinctive sign; elegance and attention to detail.

to follow, the openings of two locals were successful.

A life constantly dynamic, always in motion, growing. travel, experimentation, research.

meet the Shakesperian theater: here interactes with a new means of communication that leads them to press down stages of level and to enter in contact with artists, actors and sculptors which became musa. This "scrigno" of experiences collects the bases, from which, as a spontaneous consequence, takes life the "Huma Show entertainment";

dreams workshop, emotional realizations of undisputed visual impact.

The company be characterized by the ability to extract, create and generate events of any kind: private or company, ceremonies, receptions and mitzvahs.

according to cases and needs, the visionary perspective that guide Leela Huma is declined, producing beauty and elegance. the power of creativity is balanced with seriousness and discipline.

A concentrated style fruit of harmonius mixing between rigor, professional and absolute attitude for the charm, in every its manifestation.









Greta Tonesi

Manager & Co-founder

She is born to desenzano di the garda but citizen town of the world. In her veins the art of the blacksmiths is florists, activity' of her family. an empirical approach and always curious toward material disparate and forms of art in every demonstration. Various experiences that stud an initiated run in a specialized shop in restoration of ancient furniture. Unaware lover of the beautiful one with an innate persuades' to perceive the talent. trips and experiences they offer her inspirations and tones that she succeeds in doing his and that enrich her personality.' Involved by silvio scalvini, great bass player; for six years it directs and it produces with determination it is devotion the "festival garda jazz lonato"; she collects results of level, happened, a parterre di entertains illustrious and personality' important in the panorama di the jazz, to international level. a new curiosity arrives then' for theentertainerme; the stage car fascinated her. Beginning from 2006 to today directs, and she takes care  with devotion of the logistic and managerial part of “huma show entertainment”. Naturally curious,constantly evolving, always devotes her to every single aspect in safety terms style with seriousness, study and continuous experimentation.


Aims and Objectives


Through years of entertainment experience, the Huma Entertainment Show aims to satisfy its customers' wishes to ensure maximum effectiveness in theatrical communication. Designer clothes, outfits and creative concepts are designed by da Leela Huma , world-renowned art director, design and development by Greta Tonesi, head of production management. Today in 2017 the passion and the experience of Huma Show Entertainment can definitely guarantee the ability to make you feel at 360 °. Professionalism in the service aimed at a dynamic response to the many demands in the fields of interest. Our goal is to make your event a real show.

  • Artistic and creative advice
  • Comunication & marketing
  • Theme entertainment for companies and private events
  • Artists booking
  • Creation of stage or ceremonial clothes
  • Artisan scenographies & realizations.
  • Motivational energy with a spirit of aggregation and collaboration
  • Development and increase of brand identity (corporate image)
  • Attention to the sense of belonging
  • Care of the detail
  • Accurate direction of the event

Our Clients

A diverse client base