Arpia Blue, with its feathered blue electric mantle, is mysterious and elegant in its movements. It's fascinating and kidnaps public attention.


Alice is "transparent" and we can see the world that surrounds her through her eyes and hear soothing music from her violin. He often pairs with the BASS whitewash in a playful youth search that materializes in a race against time in the salt of your parties.


The Bunny is always very disorganized when you meet it, so it is always in a hurry, and often comes late to fulfill its commitments. When she does not run Alice in search of lost time to be able to do more quickly she wears the stilts and fills her with joy whoever is on her way.

Snow White and the 7 dwarfs

Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony. The Mirror Speech briefly describes its main physical characteristics ...


The mad hatter lives perennially at tea time and is continually participating at parties is a great juggler and with his circles catch the attention of all. Often he escape away from the queen of hearts that indicts him of hats theft but fortunately there is always the BASS white rabbit that helps him hide.


The most famous Agrabah thief, Aladdin, is often threatened by Sultan's guards, who are trying in vain to capture him. Having to be always on the run has become a real expert of unusual hiding places so much to sneak into a box.

CAMEO – The chameleon

Cameo is very cunning and his behavior fits in so many situations and interests of human humans. Gentle and mischievous silently hangs over to twist and snap the most bizarre photos.


Tall legs and long neck make the giraffe the tallest mammal. The most famous and obvious features are the tight neck, the high paws, the big back with its declinating back, its fine head, graceful, with its large clear and beautiful eyes. It moves sinuous among your guests with slow and decisive movements, then contorts it self with all its elegant body.


Dobby was initially the home elf of Villa Malfoy, serving Lucius Malfoy, his wife and son. The Malfoys treated him very badly, reminding him continually of giving it's self more punishment. Now he is free and he likes to sneak in every where to have fun young and old.


Butterflies are fairy artistic figures that are highly sought after and appreciated for their elegant figure and great visual impact. Their originality is precisely in their agility of movement despite the extreme height from the ground that allowing them to move sinuous.


In the fairy tale, genius is a supernatural entity in the pre-Islamic and Muslim religions, between the angelic world and humanity. The Genius is awakened when Aladdin unintentionally rubs the lamp and appears in the form of a powerful and gigantic jinn destined to obey his master, but once assumed his duties he decided to follow Leela Huma to attend the most interesting events by obeying she entertains her guests with wonderful controversial stunts.


The owl is an animal that lives in the forest but for some time the noises of the festivities have attracted him to every kind of event. Before it was usual to sleep by day and stay awake at night. Now it does not matter now that she is intrigued everywhere and she always wants to be in the midst of people looking at her with penetrating gaze and elegantly moving her plumage.


Lady Oriente is a classic Oriental dancer. His figure that developed in the princely courts of the Middle East; His name, in a wider sense, indicates all evasions of the dance he plays. To get to our day, he began to understand all the various contaminations and mergers that the dance has donated and made his own. Today he is a fantastic contorsionist who delights in the use of ribbon to cover his elegant movements.


Sociable and ready to give love and joy to those who admire them, the birds of love delight in sumptuous acrobatics. Their romantic game is made even softer by their white plumed rendering them able to cheer even the shadiest hearts.


Cruel maleficent and powerful evil fairy is a lover of events. When you meet her, and you're a woman, you're careful not to be more beautiful than the story could repeat if you're a handsome young man could be, you can bet that it will try to mislead you.


Big Woman brings with it the fluid feminine energy at great heights. It moves sinuously in its majestic form, entertaining with celestial songs and music just as angelic giving joy and candor to all the environments that host it.

LUDOVICA The snail

Small slow but decidedly interesting Ludovica the snail wanders far and wide making happy all the friends of the forest and beyond. He also takes his little house for a walk because he is always afraid of forgetting something, so he takes everything and kindly smiles to everyone on his path.


The white queen is the magical entertainer with a voice so sweet she can melt even the oldest of the glaciers. It fills the hearts reaching the most difficult notes with a unique elegance.


She is the bellicose ruler of the "Land of Wonders", along with the most kind husband, the King of Hearts.



Merry-go-round dance among your guests waving with its sumptuous dress surrounded by shiny Bijoux. He is often paired with the champagne man. Their duet animates all the parties creating smiles wherever they are.


The duties of the sailors are many. They have to govern the ship, carry out regular maintenance, and in some cases have to provide the galley. Ours are more playful, but they entertain the guests very seriously so that they have become very expert jugglers.


Very confident in its capabilities, the ZOE peacock is original and creative and has an extraordinary sense of humor. He can be competitive and he always wants to improve. Outright, charismatic, was born to shine. He likes to be the protagonist in every situation and trouble stealing the scene!


Graceful and suspended, it generates ultrasound chemistry with its dance, sometimes abstract and decisive. He lives dreamily in the world of Pan.


Unique in its bizarre performance is free and itinerant by nature. Always looking for nymphs he manages to generate amazement and enthusiasm. About 3 meters high, imposing and wise, it is possible to host it together with Ninfa Marika.


Arpia Ells, with its red-plated feathered mantle, looks mysterious and elegant in its movements. It's fascinating and kidnaps public attention.


Sneaky Act-Show, made with great athletic ability and a pinch of malice ... There is also brilliant choreography with two female performers.


The harbor is suitable for different types of environment including forests, rocky areas, mountains and deserts, but it prefers the Huma Show events where other animals entertain young and old. We offer different performance:


The panther is a very feared, mysterious and fascinating animal. It lives in the jungle and is very reserved, it is rare, in fact, we see resting dangling from some branches. Huma Show has its own and is not at all reserved as the others sneak into the parties playing with guests and showing its mighty black coat.


That pigs are very intelligent animals is now a well-known fact. Now a Dutch research has "discovered" their ability to experience empathy would be able to share stress and happiness with their peers and with humans. For this and much more Pig the pig that follows the Huma in its shows is always looking to involve those who meet with shows of all kinds.


The turtle leads a very active lifestyle so it must be guaranteed a large and varied area where it can get around. There is nothing better than party rooms for this has learned to entertain young and old with games.


Marvelous and graceful acrobatic dancers. In the same event they can perform small shows, but with a strong traveling impact among the guests present. Undisputed professionals of the Huma Show Entertainment team.


Balanced on a steel wire with a diameter of one centimeter to about two meters high, the dancer experiences a unique experience that transmits to the audience, ensuring a strong visual impact, suspense and pure adrenaline. The number combines technical virtuosity with poetic movements, giving the spectator the infinite facets of the circus world, with a note of elegance.


Each performance generates suspense and captures the viewer's attention. Various evolutions in fusion between balance, acrobatics and high actor value! Wide choice of male and female performers, which can vary depending on the theme and / or atmosphere required.


Aria make up a show that contains dancing stilts, aerial trapeze, balance arc and aerial straps in which elegance and refinement play with each other. The duration of this show can vary from 5 to 30 minutes.


Nuvola is elegant in its height and is often accompanied by Champagne Man to cheer up the guests during the events.


Amusing and uncontainable are masters in various disciplines playing unforgettable roles in every fairy tale and event while they play the most characteristic characters of all time.


Passion, energy and a pinch of malice can be the voice of your event! She differs from other conductors for the instruments it puts on stage, elegant by nature, using gestures and language that belong to other eras.


Original and agile in movement despite the extreme height from the ground animate the parties. They are the playful and funny sailor stilt waders that roam the most sought after parties, obviously a pearl Huma Show.


The Very nice character of the new circus that with gag ironic and small shows, funny but also suggestive will cheer up your guests! Small fakirism pills with: walk on the windows, fire shows and bed of nails!

Black Man

Discipline among the most difficult and demanding, it is practiced above all by female athletes, but there are absolutely incredible male talents like our black man. It will also be possible to customize clothes and choreography, based on your event.


Majestic and important dragon will move itinerant, in the available space, with large strides of his jumper stiletto that also allows jumps, turns and evolutions with fire. His mask and his deep gaze will charm lovers of the genre. A new way to bring the fire on stage.


Fire Manipulator are evocative and unique during the fire shows, where with multiple instruments of the scene, original and unusual,  are able to capture the attention of any viewer! Also available for shows with multiple performers . We guarantee professionalism and elegance. The clothes are made of fireproof materials.


Enchanting musical performance. As catapulted into the era of the Middle Ages, spectators will be captured by a harmonious repertoire. Goddess dances and plays the violin barefoot without the score support. Hosting it at your event will be a winning detail!

Circus contortion

Catapulted into another era, Circus contortion will leave everyone in suspense! Cheerful and amazing technique. Show suitable for any type of user.


Crow Sabb, with his black-plated feathered mantle, is dynamic in his movements. It is vanity and it requires attention. In Celtic tradition, it is treated with respect and reverence.