Passion, energy and a pinch of malice can be the voice of your event! She differs from other conductors for the instruments it puts on stage, elegant by nature, using gestures and language that belong to other eras. In her ten-year experience he has deepened the ability and different communication techniques with multiple types of users, so mastery will capture the attention of your guests, leading them to the emotional state that is required according to the circumstances. Narrator, voiceover and excellent speaker, with the audience plays with engaging irony!

- Conductor in various corporate and private events since 2007
- Conductor Summer Carnival of Montecatini 2014
- Actress at FESTIVAL GABER 2013 - 2014 - 2015
- Art director and performer "The Gallery of Wonders" Venice Carnival 2017
- Artistic director and actress for "THEAPPRENDICE" Reality by Flavio Briatore.
- Artistic Director JAGUAR TOUR Italia Step Perugia Rome 2013
- VOLKSWAGEN Service IncontraVerona 2014 artistic director
- 9th year as Artistic Director, Front Girl and Undisputed Conductor of the Florence Tattoo Convention
- At the 8th year as Artistic Director, Front Girl and Conductor of Ti-Tattoo, Switzerland.
- At the 3rd year as a Conductor of Ankon Tattoo Convention.
- Conductor at Bluè Cernusco sul Naviglio alongside Donatella Rettore
- Artistic Director and Presenter for METALSTUDIO Stazione Leopolda Firenze 2014
- Artistic Director and Presenter for CENTENARIO DI FORTE DEI MARMI 2014
- Artistic Director and Presenter during the events of the AUDI Toscana salons.
- Presenter alongside Paolo Ruffini and Vladimir Luxuria 2012.
- Presenter for the 10th anniversary of the prestigious Melià Hotel Milano.
- Presenter of "The Night of the Artists" Calcinato Brescia in 2012 - 2013
- First Official Voice of Radio Tattoo since 2015