Party & Celebrations

Life is celebration

Elegant, glamorous and luxurious fun parties? Huma Show is all over the world and our customers are international, demanding, and include some of the world's leading families for which we create magical, immersive and personalized experiences. From budgeting to artist booking, we are collaborative, creative and fresh even under pressure. You will get surprise and joy in all the right places and calm, comforting professionalism only when you need it most. At the heart of our planning and design service there is a total understanding of our customer's key needs for a successful event. From birthdays to bar mitzvahs, special anniversary celebrations and children every celebration we plan is unique and unforgettable.


Here are some of the many solutions available during the Christmas season.


Symbolic figure of the Christmas known by young and old.

traveling among people or accommodated above his large and comfortable throne. where children can go to make requests, bring their own letter or simply be photographed.


Cute toy builders, spiteful enough and very chaotic, each with a special feature


Snow Elf: will create artificial snow or clouds of cotton candy.

Magic Elf: It will use micro-magic techniques

Elfo Chicca: It will give you sugar sweets.

Elf of the Magical Spheres: Manipulator of crystal spheres with Contact technique.

Elfo Hoop: Excellent in the Hula Hop technique interaction with the public and hula-hop with LEDs.

Elf Fiammella: Fire manipulator.

Low-Head Elf: Acrobatic Verticalist.

Spiteful Elf: Spiteful Mime.

Dwarf Elf Painter: Nano actor who will take care of painting a Christmas painting. He will perform various comic gags

Elfo Trampoline: Excellent wader, will control the arrival of children on the horizon.

Elfa Fissetta: Elfetta playing the accordion.

Elf Violin or violoncella: With an orchestral air, she will vibrate her strings with mastery.


"On the most frightening but fascinating night of the year we could offer you entertainment, make-up, fx and settings at various levels of fear ... the one that most closely matches your tastes and needs"

you can host a team specialized in make-up with special effects that use plasticine and monstrous solutions for an ad hoc event ... let yourself be amazed.