Show Live Art

Sand art is a particular technique, through the manipulation of sand grains with the use of light in conjunction with music. Live images are projected simultaneously on the big screen to allow the viewer to see their realization. Sand illustrations are unrepeatable works, which are created and destroyed by changing into other forms of continuous images. The artist's hands become energy molded to that of the same sand that is modeled to infinity, creating an evocative atmosphere full of a narrative, evocative, and romantic power; the spells of sand become stories, fairy tales, a fascinating journey to becoming ... and if you want to marvel more then we have an excellent artistic proposal for a show in the show!

The best artists of the INTERNATIONAL BODY PAINTING are waiting for you. They can enchant you with technical and infinite beauty.

We have a wide choice with PAINTING artists, PAINTERS of different techniques and styles, URBAN WRITER, graffitiers who can make every project idea live.