Show Live Music

Because your event's soundtrack is unique!

Violin in flight
Silent and gently suspended, the flying violinist offers a personalized music repertoire.
It is possible to host this performance in your event, characterizing the interpretation of up to six arcs simultaneously suspended in the air.

The small Huma orchestra was born as a project in 2016 to complete and support events and performances of leela huma and huma entertainement. The voice of Renza with refined mastery and its multifaceted tones, accompanied by skilled musicians, will be able to accompany the spectator in magical atmospheres or unbridled dances. The relationship is strengthened with the tour to the dinner ball of the Venice carnival which has forged also the stage presence and the figure. the training can be presented in trio, quartet or according to the specific needs of the event or performances.

Soprano and Cello
Unique melody, created by voice and cello.
Possible choice between classic or electric.
Various repertoire and thematic solutions.

Great Electro Cello
Big Woman performing a majestic performance with electronic cello.

The goddess of harmony
Armonia diffused by an exclusive violin by professional interpreter. Various music repertoire available.

Big woman violinist
Huma Show par excellence icon, designed by Leela Huma. An imposing installation dominating the scene at a height of 5 meters. The sinuousness and movement of the light skirt, worn with elegance by various artists / musicians on the national scene. Available with violin, accordion, flute, lyric soprano, jazz / soul singer. For more information visit the Big Woman section.

Enchantment note
Charming and charming. Dora shows up with his harp. Shell player. Unusual harmonious sounds of time and precious shells. Staged by the best "trombonist" of the Italian jazz scene.

It was Stilla Maris
"Shadows of faces, seamen's faces, where do you come from, where are you going?"
"From a place where the moon is showing and the night pointed the knife to the throat."
Stella Maris had endless stories and infinite legends ... but it is a drop that belongs to the sea, a friend of many facets, never monotonous, never repetitive, never equal. Music installation of 3 meters. Interpreted with an electric violin. Prestigious stage dress, made entirely of original marine materials.

Elegance of bows
Their repertoire boasts a vast musical range, ranging from classic to contemporary. You see in the scene with great care in detail, presenting the best musical instruments.

Concert with Cristallarmonio
A spectacular show that brings with it great elegance and professionalism!
After many years of research, in 1996, dealing with the virtuosity of the 18th century, Gianfranco refined and patented the "crystallarmonium", a unique instrument in the world, created by crystal glasses with the fingertips through the tap.
The special arrangement of the chimes allows you to play a note simultaneously, obtaining absolutely original sound and music effects.

Various sparkling entertainment solutions are available
Dj Swing, specializing in 20th-century music, with a dazzling dj equipment, capable of creating atmospheres of other times ...
Dj set, passion for music. Both for clothing and for repertoire ranges from the '30s to the' 50s. It features live swing selections, Tropical and Cuban music from the 30s, Rhythm'n'blues up to Rock'n'roll and Rockabilly.