Experts in Ephemeral

Event production agency.
For over 14 years we have distinguished ourselves from the national market for concreteness and reliability.
With in-depth study, smartness and creativity we offer a targeted strategy to enhance your brand, your event and your identity.
Design is the gateway for custom formats.
Elegance is our key!


Corporate event planning and organization.
Specialized in amaze, taking care of the guest reception.
If your intent is to amaze, to intrigue, to make your product and/or your brand your communication key: you can rely on our team!

Private Event

We pay attention to all your expectations and requests in order
to design and present the project with accuracy and quickness.
In our Maison we are dedicated to the study and design of your event in every detail!
Plenty of ideas and unique projects for your “special day”.


The key feature that make HS Wedding different and exceptional is the tangible experience in the production of international events, at variance with the Italian reality.

Tattoo Convention

Huma Show Entertainment has been developing for years Tattoo Convention, with an exponential growth.
With dedicated study, originality and provocation, in over 10 years the team has created unforgettable formats!


Find out all our proposals for your entertainment.


Discover all our proposals for your holidays celebrations.