Experts in Ephemeral

Production company, with refined creativity and targeted strategy,
we design and enhace events and brands
Professional service with a dynamic response to the various requests in the fields of interest.


Our goal is to make your event a real show


In addition to our passion and dynamism, we bring:

• Energy, motivating force, a spirit of aggregation and collaboration
• Identity development and enhancement
• Attention to the sense of belonging
• Careful direction of the event
• Every event is studied down to the smallest detail, customizing the project in accordance with the type of company, sector and objective.

“Take us to your rooms
we will make art of it
inspired by happiness
passion is our wake,
Clowns, colorful dancers
elves, fairies and jugglers,
a violin, the musician
and we don’t miss the alchemist!
Rain of instruments plays
in an indifferent night!
Born to imagine with innate elegance.
what animates the action
sure will take you to perdition!”

Una foto di Leela Huma

Leela Huma

Leela Huma, born from the Shakespearean theater,  like a chameleon is constantly changing.

From a very young age she delights in various forms of contemporary art, shaping her eclectic personality. Tuscan, with her unusual somatic features, romantic dreamer, elegant, something that has always distinguished her.

Over the years he became a muse for sculptors, painters and photographers, attending multiple exhibitions and presentations of contemporary art, visual art and conceptual art, affirming her name in various international contexts.

Her first instrument, but not the only one, is her scratchy voice, accompanied by a lively, cheerful and explosive nature!

Presenter of international conventions and festivals since 2008.

Successful producer, undisputed creator of Huma Show Entertainment,

in 2005 she has created a team of excellence giving life to the great dream: GENERATING BEAUTY!

Her scenic machine is the ephemeral theater, which generates prestigious private and corporate events, creating atmospheres, settings, shows in the best European locations, with elegance and attention to details.

Leela’s intent is to leave some of the ephemeral in the spectators’ pockets, generating emotions that last over time, turning into magical memories.

Over the years this platform of ideas, this ephemeral theater, has managed to differentiate for its ethic vocation, growing exponentially while still maintaining humility and high sensitivity as a moral guide.

It is impossible not to be fascinated by Leela Huma and her Theater of the ephemeral, originality on the edge of the absurd …

With passion, energy and a pinch of malice, for over 14 years, she is an authentic event planner and artistic director of tangible success!

Greta Tonesi

Born in Desenzano del Garda, but a citizen of the world.

Unaware lover of beauty with an innate ability to see the talent of others.

Artist by nature.

In the past, for six years, she directed and produced the “Garda Jazz Lonato” festival with determination and dedication; she collects great results, successes, a parterre of famous guests and important personalities in the panorama of jazz at an international level.

Then comes a new passion: entertainment and the ephemeral in all its forms.

From 2006 she directs, together with Leela Huma, the spectacular forge of Huma Show Entertainment.